Best of the blog in July 2015

There were a couple of important how-to guides here last month. For Google Analytics users, The (latest) guide to beating Google Analytics spambots showed the latest way to get rid of the increasingly irritating rubbish polluting our reports (including a link to someone who’ll sort it all out for you for less then US$50). And my last article of the month looked at the What to do about the “Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files” warning emails which millions of website owners have been getting. I hope those two proved useful.

At the start of July I wrote about my plan to not check work emails while I was on holiday, while still being able to relax in the knowledge that people weren’t tearing their hair out over a problem I could have solved in 30 seconds. I outlined it in Just checking my office emails, dear and I can report that by and large, it worked. Mind you, the amount of stuff I came back to was frightening.

Useful tool of the month was probably the one described in Real-time SEO testing – a neat tool for us all. Make a note of this, it’s something we could all use to check an article we’ve written works well in terms of SEO. I’d like us to build it into our workflow here at BMON, he said, dropping a big hint to the BMONwords team.

How do people ask questions to search engines? My own research shows that “How do I…?” is more commonly searched-for than “How do you…?”, but both are beaten by something simpler. See what it is in How do people ask questions? Finally, you might like to catch up on why a 0.1% response to an email offer shouldn’t make you disheartened, how to use email to get new customers, and why it’s time to get rid of any Flash format content on your website. Enjoy!

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