Best of the Blog in August 2015

It’s been a relatively busy month here, given that it’s the summer and we normally expect things to just tick over. I hope you managed to get some time out in the sunshine, if you saw much. Some of the articles here generated quite a bit of feedback, including some of the general marketing discussions such as Behavioural psychology in the real world and Net Promoter Score: customer feedback you can use.

My longest article was last week’s How to make your website search engine friendly, which took a brilliant list prepared by someone else, and added questions which you can ask of your own website designer. I hope you got something out of it. Any clients can of course always ask us for advice on how the items listed might be implemented.

In Deal or no deal and its follow-up How to let prospects get the better of the deal, I looked at making your offers more attractive to customers and prospects. We all want to get the best of a deal, yet many of us present our offerings in a way which suggests we’re going to come off best in the exchange. And who would respond to that?

Finally, in An effective landing page really isn’t hard and its follow-up Stop putting up the barriers to response, I challenged readers to generate custom landing pages for promotional campaigns instead of just lazily sending people to a page on the website which is not really geared up to answer the question. I do think we could all do better here.

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