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An effective landing page really isn’t hard

I was reading an article recently and it referred me to a conference presentation. The notes were available online, it said, so I clicked through. And here’s what I saw. Now that’s what I call a simple landing page:


What’s right about this page? It delivers. It can be read at a glance. There are no distractions. It makes you want the offer (it explains how people have done the hard work for you!) There’s only one thing to do (convert!) and it’s clearly easy to do so. I’d be willing to bet my house that the conversion rate was fantastic.

And yet there’s nothing clever about it. You could sketch out a page like this for your next offer, whether it’s a data sheet or an email newsletter subscription. A local web designer could create the page for you in a couple of hours, and upload it to your website. The response would be double that of something crammed in to your everyday website template, and if you’re spending hundreds (or thousands) of pounds sending people to the page, double the conversion rate will be worth serious money.

It’s really not hard.

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