You’re customer focused? Who’d have guessed?

“About Us” pages, and any marketing material where companies describe themselves, can be unintentionally funny. I can rarely stifle a giggle when I see a business saying that it is “customer focused” or that it “strives to put the customer first”. No, really? You don’t say.

As ever with marketing slogans, I recommend assessing the opposite and asking yourself the question: “Would this be something which customers might consider?”. If it isn’t, then congratulations, you’ve come up with a slogan which is just obvious, and doesn’t offer the customer anything they wouldn’t expect.

In this case, would you buy from a company which is not making any effort to consider the customer’s requirements? Of course you wouldn’t. So a claim that you’re “customer focused” or that your company “strives to put the customer first” is not telling the prospect anything they wouldn’t expect anyway. It’s just filler.

You might think that the opposites to “our products are cheaper” or “we deliver more quickly” aren’t very appealing. But they’re still something a customer would consider, because a more expensive product, or one which takes months to arrive, might have its compensations. So these are perfectly good aspects on which to concentrate. Being “customer focused” though? Work out what makes you different – and better – instead.

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