Time for a farewell to Flash

Do you have anything on your website which is in the long-established Flash format? (It will probably be video or slideshow presentations of some sort). The internet is turning against the format, and you really should be looking to replace anything you have left …if you do have it.

Apple some time ago made one of its drastic “all or nothing” moves and prevented its mobile devices from displaying Flash presentations. So for that reason alone, you should probably have replaced anything in Flash by now. More recently, the Chrome and Firefox browsers have begun to limit or stop Flash presentations by default, and there’s talk that Facebook will do the same.

The reasons for this are that Flash is very resource-intensive, and has developed some genuine security problems. There is an alternative, the web standard called HTML5, and the industry seems keen to move people to that. So if you have any Flash-based presentations on your website, bear in mind that many people already can’t see them, and many more will not be able to do so in the future. It’s time to bid a farewell to Flash.

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