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Remarketing ads: better than ever (if done right)

Here at BMON, we’ve steadily become more impressed with remarketing. Showing specific ads to people who’ve already been to your website was initially marketed as being ideal for stores who wanted to target people who’d nearly bought something but hadn’t quite got got there. Now we’re seeing the advantages it has for businesses like the ones we tend to deal with: those with no online stores, but longer sales cycles and more human involvement. In particular, we like to use it to draw previous site visitors’ attention to content they might not have seen, such as case studies or more recent news.

Of course, you need to be careful with this, or people start seeing the ads absolutely everywhere on the web, which might be a bit irritating. But that just requires judicious use of frequency capping. For engineering and scientific sector clients, we tend to run remarketing over a longer period than the standard 90 days, but with heavily limited daily display numbers.

In addition, having a decent selection of ads is vital. If your advertising agency wants hundreds of pounds to create each new image advert, you’re not going to keep your inventory of ads broad enough. We don’t see the need to charge our clients anything for this service (so we don’t!). The result is that some of our clients just put us on the circulation of all their new press releases, and we make up a new ad for every announcement.

Remarketing ads done badly can be of questionable value. But done well, customers and prospects can find them genuinely useful.

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