Design your landing pages on a clean sheet of paper

Creating landing pages on your website for advertising campaigns requires you to start with a clean sheet of paper. When people are looking around your website, it’s a good idea to give them ideas, to give them clear navigation, and to give them a sense of your website’s full extent. But for an advertising landing page, it’s a question of how to get a message over, with no distractions, and how to make them take the action you want. After that, you can worry about showing off the company.

Yet the vast majority of B2B companies I know just try to shoehorn something into their content management system.

There’s nothing preventing any company from creating a landing page entirely independently from the website pages made by the content management system. Then all you need to do is to upload the page to your site; it’s not hard. Any website designer would relish the task of creating a standalone landing page to service an advertising campaign. It could still maintain the corporate flavour, without being ruined by all the standard website page clutter. Just give them the chance. Even I could create a half decent one – perhaps not as good as one made by a proper website designer, but better than anything from your content management system.

If you’d like to see a selection of good landing pages, there’s a good selection being maintained here. Take a look. You can do this.

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