Writing something your audience looks forward to


My favourite blog in the world is Wait But Why. It’s not flashy – it’s just a series of brilliantly-written articles on subjects I invariably find interesting, like The AI Revolution or The Fermi Paradox (warning – these are not quick reads). The most recent post, about Elon Musk and Tesla, was over 25,000 words – and I stopped everything to read it.

The chances of you or I being able to write anything as interesting for our clients or prospects is minimal. If you market anything as fascinating as the sort of subjects Wait But Why covers, you’re very lucky indeed. So how can we produce something which gets received with as much enthusiasm?

The key is that it needs to be helpful. This is a perfectly adequate substitute for “fascinating”, if your products or services can’t be described as such. Helpful means showing prospects how to choose a product. Helpful means showing customers how to get more from a product.

Helpful is not a list of features, nor is it news about you expanding into the office next door. When you’re writing an article to send out to your mailing list, just ask yourself: can I create something here which is helpful to the reader? If you can’t, don’t send it out.

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