Using LinkedIn as a contact book

LinkedIn is quite keen to become an online contacts management system, and if you’re a regular user, there may be some features here which you can use. One great advantage of using LinkedIn as a contact manager (even if it’s just a supplementary one) is that it updates itself. When people change job, they update their information for you.

Here’s the stuff which many people don’t know about. On every contact page, under the person’s photo, you should see “contact info” and “relationship” tabs. This latter one is very powerful. It contains a tagging system, an area to remind yourself how you met, and a notes field which only you can see.

Even if you maintain your own contacts book or contact database which you have no intention of relinquishing, this feature can be useful for making notes against people who you might have come across on LinkedIn but who aren’t in your normal system.

Finally, and best of all, is a reminder system where you can set LinkedIn to send you a message about the person in a day, week or month’s time. I like this a lot.


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