Google business pages: still not for the faint-hearted

Google appears to be separating out the successful (or potentially successful) bits from its Google+ social network, which means that it’s probably winding down the rest, or at least just quietly leaving it in the background. Few people are surprised. Nobody really wanted another social network, and Google’s uniquely baffling way of presenting all of its products meant that Google+ was never going to be widely understood or easy to use. The social network’s supporters seemed to be massively skewed towards online marketing professionals, who were forced to get to know it so that they could advise clients. Most of the rest of the world just went “meh”.

Of course, services which were integrated with Google+, such as YouTube and Google My Business, will remain the same; we presumably just won’t get Google+ pushed at us as strongly as we did before. And let’s hope the Google+ pages that we were forced to create just to use some services will fade away.

In the meantime, your Google My Business presence remains as important as ever. Thanks to Google’s constant relaunches of this service over the years, and the unwanted Google+ pages which most businesses have collected, you probably have a whole selection of official Google pages, probably competing with each other. If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. Sorting them out and streamlining them to a single Google My Business page is worthwhile, but not for the faint-hearted.

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