Don’t forget AdWords for a product launch

Most of you will be involved in important product launches from time to time. There’s a lot to think about, including having all the web resources in place. One of the ways of analysing the launch is often to look at the web page visitors, and a typical pattern might look something like this:


An effective launch, yes? Serious initial interest (perhaps from a mailing), and a spike afterwards as other websites and publications linked to the page. Then things quickly settle down to normal.

Or do they? In fact, if you come back a few weeks later, you’ll often find that the graph has started to rise again. The period after the initial interest was actually a strange low point. Why might this be?

The reason is Google. While the search engine prides itself on picking up news quickly, it doesn’t put the same emphasis on your new product pages. It’ll find them, and sometimes even include them in the results within a day or two, but for whatever reason, it often takes weeks for such pages to be considered as “keepers” and slowly rise up the rankings.

In the meantime, you’re missing out. Although your new blue widget introduced that innovative third prong to the market, a Google search for “three prong blue widget” might take days or even weeks to begin showing the page you expect it to. So you get the dip in the traffic graph between your initial visitors, who you drove there through direct publicity, and the point where Google searches start to kick in.

So how do we get straight to the top for searches on “three prong blue widget” from launch day? The answer of course, is to advertise. Assuming you’re running a Google AdWords search campaign, make sure you add dedicated adverts for any new product as a critical part of the launch planning. If we’re running the campaign for you, just drop us an email the day before with the launch press release. We’ll do the rest.

And don’t forget to allow for the extra search traffic as part of your launch budget. It will be worth it.

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