Choosing the right emailing system

We’ve provided a lot of advice to companies setting up email marketing campaigns over the years. However, we’re often asked if we can find someone who’ll just take the whole project off the company’s hands. The danger with just searching on Google for someone to do this is that most consultancies or marketing agencies will have their favourite email service, and this might not be the right one for you. They’ll still recommend it, however.

So I’d always suggest researching the best service or mailing application, and then finding an expert to help you. Choosing the right system can be as easy as asking around. If you’ve got a trade association or local business group, they might be prepared to ask members.

Sometimes the service provider themselves will provide the customised setup you need, and if the price is sensible, this seems like an excellent path to take. Others may have approved consultants; for example, we send out this daily email using Mailchimp, which fits our needs perfectly, and they have a list of approved help worldwide. But as with a CMS for your website, I’d always advise avoiding getting dragged down the path of using an obscure or inappropriate system because you chose the provider first and the software second.

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