Best of the blog in May 2015

Well, June crept up on us rather suddenly, and before I realised, I’d missed my new slot for rounding up the best of last month. So a day late, here’s the best of the blog in May 2015!

There was some response to my suggestion that your website should show your real staff, wondering how much information was necessary. I don’t think it needs to be much; I’m quite fond of profiles which link to a LinkedIn page, to be honest. I also warned about buying domain names through fear – there appears to be a business to be had in buying £10 domain names and selling them on to companies for fifty times that amount. Don’t be scared into buying things you don’t need.

Are there any marketing lessons to be drawn from the recent general election? Surprisingly, the answer may be yes, something I discussed here and here. The introspective approach to reviving their fortunes being shown by the losing parties is a warning to us all.

Resource of the month was Wordstream’s Complete Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization, which I think tells you more than any training course will do, and leaves you with the savings to spend on some decent analytical tools. If you have a new web marketing assistant, as many companies do, this would be an ideal document for them to work through.

Finally, I had a bit of a rant about how bad website designers can hide all the good stuff by forcing their design gimmicks on you. Don’t fall for this. They want to use tabs and carousels because they look impressive while being easy to include, as the code comes all packaged up. But are these features helping your site’s users? Usually that’s not uppermost in the designer’s thoughts.

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