Best of the blog in June 2015

How does Google manage to put well-known brands at the top of search results? How does it know? The answer is that we do the work for it, as I discussed here at the start of last month. So if you have a recognisable brand name, ensure that it appears prominently in your search results: craft those page titles with the same care as you would an advert.

There were a few articles last month about website visitor analysis, including why you should think about what you really want to know about your website visitors and why you should investigate if your headline visitor numbers are real. These are fundamental issues for all users of services such as Google Analytics.

I also explained one of the simplest ways of earning some links to your website and why Google AdWords should be a vital part of any product launch with additional budget set aside. There were also articles on video, SEO software and email signatures. If you missed any, enjoy!

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