Referrer spam still ruining your Google Analytics?


I’ve previously mentioned the problem many people are seeing with bizarre “spambots” all over their Google Analytics. Typical examples are “semalt” and “buttons…”. If you see these in your referrers, then they’re adding hundreds or even thousands of non-human visits to your website data – and you do not want them there. We’re trying hard to keep on top of things for all of our clients (all part of the service!), but if you’re not one of our clients, and you find yourself alone, it’s not an easy thing to keep track of. Most web design or advertising agencies are either useless on the subject, or wouldn’t even look at it for less than several hundred pounds.

However, I’ve just come across someone who claims to be able to sort things out for you, and set up all the appropriate filters, for just US$50. This has to be a good deal. I can’t vouch for the guy personally, but he’s written two exceptionally good articles on the subject, so knows what he’s talking about. Worth considering.

More at Ohow Personal Service to remove and stop SPAM in Google Analytics.

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