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We often speak to companies who are interested in having us run their Google AdWords campaign, but who don’t want to use us “just yet” because they’re in the process of creating a new website. My thinking tends to be that if your old website hasn’t been performing, that’s the best reason ever to advertise now, but I suspect it’s down to budgets. A new website should be a major investment, and it might be necessary to grab the funding from other marketing activities such as advertising.

However, at the risk of sounding like Ed Miliband, what I would say is this…

Get in touch with us now anyway. We see websites launched every month which make huge mistakes, mainly through the neglect or ignorance of the site design company, who ought to know better. If for nothing else other than wanting to support UK industry, we’ll tell you the sort of things you need to ensure do and don’t happen. And we don’t charge. Our business model is based on “I’ve seen that these guys are helpful and seem to know what they’re talking about when it comes to online marketing, so now I’ll use them to run my Google AdWords campaign”.

There’s some self-interest involved too. If your shiny new website is a disaster (and a lot are), and you subsequently take us on to work for you on Google AdWords, then we’re going to be spending ages helping you fix it. Let’s avoid the problems in the first place, and everyone wins.

Consultants and agencies have a reputation for starting the meter ticking every time they pick up the phone. We like to think we’re a bit different.

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