Learn the language of your web designer

Here’s a really useful read from Hubspot. I’ve been meaning to write this myself for about two years, and of course when you put off something for that long, eventually someone else does it and you lose your chance. Lesson learned (or probably not, come to think of it). Anyway, 38 Essential Website Redesign Terms You Need to Know is a terrific glossary of words your website designer probably uses and which you might be too embarrassed to ask about. But don’t read it if you already know the meaning of Backend, Browser Testing, Call to action (CTA), Content Development, Content Management System, Conversion Rate, CSS, Customer Personas, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Domain Name, Flat Design, Front End, FTP, Grid System, Hosting, HTML, Infinite Scrolling, Information Architecture, Jquery, Landing Page, Lead Form, Localization, Meta Tags, Mobile First, Mockup, Parallax Scrolling, Photoshop, QA, Responsive Design, Sitemap, SVG, Template, UI Design, UX Design, Whitespace and Wireframe. Have a read.

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