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Introducing “Google Search Console”

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Sadly, it’s only a rebranding exercise: the new “Google Search Console” is just Google’s “Webmaster Tools” under a new name. But at least by dropping the slightly nerdy title, it might get a few more companies setting up this useful free service and using it a bit more.

If you’re not a regular Webmaster Tools (sorry, Google Search Console) user, the first thing to do is to check you’ve got it on your site. Any competent website designer should have set it up without being asked, but I find many who don’t. Sign in to Google Analytics, then head on over to Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console, which is here.

OK, you’ve got it all installed and working?* Great. The next thing you need to do is to check it’s linked to your Google Analytics. In Google Search Console, click the gear wheel top right, select “Google Analytics Property”, and link the two, if they’re not already. This allows data to be transferred to and from the two services. You’ll see a great new section start to report data in Google Analytics.

For more information on what you can do with Google Search Console, here’s one of many decent guides available.

*If you don’t have Google Search Console working, the official documentation is here. You don’t need to be an IT ninja to set it up, but you may need the ability to upload a small verification file to your website.

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