How a web marketing assistant could transform your site

I was asked recently by a client to recommend a course on SEO which a new marketing assistant could attend. While there are a few courses around, I feel that the best thing they provide is an up-to-date list of actions, and there are many such lists available online for free. So my suggestion was to work through a really good “SEO basics” guide, and spend the cost of the course on subscribing to some online services which might really help your website management.

The best guide I’ve seen for a while is the Complete Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization on the Wordstream blog, an epic effort published just last week. This would probably take a full-time employee the rest of the summer to work through, but if they were bright, and had full access to make changes to the site, it should result in a step change in your web marketing over the next few months.

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