Are you real people?

Do you have people on your website? You really should. Not just dull “mugshots” of the chairman and the MD, and certainly not stock photos of pretty women with headsets over a “call me now” caption, as if you’re some adult phone chat service. If you want real customers to interact with your real people, why not show these people? I’m a huge fan of seeing your technical experts doing video demonstrations, but even static photos can be good. It’s so dull to say things like “we have extensive experience in the industry” when you could show photos of the people who have that experience, and who your customers will be talking to. This is starting to become standard practice in service industries – in fact, I’d be surprised to find a consultancy or agency nowadays which doesn’t have photos of the staff. But for industrial companies, it’s still very rare, and unnecessarily conservative.

5 thoughts on “Are you real people?”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for this… we have met a stumbling block on our “Meet the Team” page for our new website, as to the content to include. Whether it should include all members of our team, and whether to include some personal information as well as experience? Do you have any thoughts?

  2. I would include the people who customers might actually be talking to – front-line sales staff, support staff, etc. I think you just need to put yourself in the shoes of a prospect: who and what would you want to know about? For my part, I like to know about the experience of the sales staff (in other words, should I take their advice?) and the breadth and experience of the support team which would be available to me if I became a customer.

    I think the sort of content which goes on a LinkedIn profile is appropriate – some companies just link to this!

    Although I’m sure they’re very nice people, I don’t really care about the MD or anyone in marketing or accounts.

  3. This is exactly what I did with our new website. The tricky task was to gather all the photos from around the world. I have seen some corporate website where all the contact photos are uniform but we were unable to do it and ended up having differnt style ones. It would be interesting to see how a personal approach to the website affects on-line enquiry statistics. Do you have any statistics in relation to this? Would be good for illustration how such a simple change effects the dynamics of the website activity. Thank you.

  4. That’s one of those things, I suspect, which is very hard to gauge. Having different style photos isn’t a problem, but if you really want them to look uniform, a decent Photoshop artist can remove backgrounds and tidy them all up quite easily.

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