23 ways in which Google can detect a quality article

Here’s an article from Google which has just celebrated its fourth birthday, but which is more relevant than ever. More guidance on building high-quality sites gives us 23 questions to ask ourselves about articles which are going on our websites. “These are the kinds of questions we ask ourselves as we write algorithms that attempt to assess site quality”, they say. And trust me, if you’re thinking: “a machine can’t assess quality, can it?”, then you’re seriously underestimating the brainpower at Google.

What the search engine is trying to do is to promote content which ticks all of these boxes. Don’t forget, one way of doing that is to demote content which it reckons does not meet the criteria. When you ask yourself: “Why am I not top of the Google results for a search on ‘blue widgets’?”, see if your site has anything on it about blue widgets which clearly passes most – or all – of the 23 questions listed.

More guidance on building high-quality sites at the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

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