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Website URLs continue to fade away slowly

Website addresses (“URLs”) have been on the way out for many years. It’s now almost hard to believe there was a time when people quoted “http://” in front of their website address. Then the “www” started to be dropped. Some organisations have become confident enough just to say “search for” instead.

What’s more, even if people see your website address, hardly any of them type it into their browsers. There’s not really much point in putting “” at the bottom of your advert, because anyone who sees the advert and wants to visit your website will just search for “Blue Widget Company” in Google.

Now the URLs are even starting to disappear from the Google results. Last week Google announced that it’s going to move to using a “breadcrumb trail” in its mobile results instead of quoting the URL, which is often truncated anyway. I expect desktop search to follow fully in due course – some sites have been shown in this way for several years.

There’s a markup scheme quoted in the article, and you might want to draw the attention of your website manager or designer to this. Using it should help the site appear the way you’d like it to. Surprisingly, the “little green URL line” has quite an impact on the Google results we choose to click.


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