Happy #mobilegeddon Day

Sometimes in the next 24 hours, Google will – apparently – start showing quite different results on desktop PCs and mobile devices, with “mobile unfriendly” sites getting a good kicking on the latter. I expect #mobilegeddon will be appearing a lot on Twitter.

If your site hasn’t been getting the “Mobile-friendly” label on Google search results on a smartphone, I hope that you’ve got plans in place for an overhaul of your website. It does matter.

But how can you tell if there’s been any impact? The easiest way is, of course, to turn to our old friend Google Analytics. The simplest report, and all that really matters, is to come back this time next week and look at the traffic from Google. Go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium; click “google/organic”; and under “Date range” at the top, select “Last 7 days” and tick “Compare to: previous period”.

Google Analytics report example

For a bit more information, click “Secondary Dimension” and type in “Mobile” into the box, then select “Mobile (including Tablet)”. This will separate the comparative numbers between this week and last week for Google traffic from mobile and non-mobile devices.

Data sample a bit small for you? Make a note to come back in 30 days’ time, rather than 7, and do the same as above, but selecting “Last 30 days” instead.

In the report above, you’ll see that the proportion of visits via Google from mobile and non-mobile traffic has stayed almost identical from one period to the other (93% vs 7% in both cases). This is what you want to see.

If you’d like to know more about what’s happening, there are hundreds of good articles online: have a read of a few.

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