Does Periscope have business and marketing potential?

I’ve always been a little baffled by how reluctant we’ve been to embrace live video. Sure, Skype has millions of users, but making a Skype video call is still a bit of an “event” for most of us. Broadcasting live events has been possible for years, but is still perceived as to geeky by most people.

I think that’s about to change. The reason is that easy-to-use video streaming apps have arrived on smartphones, and the combination of simplicity and a familiar “camera” may break the market’s resistance. The likes of Microsoft (Skype) and Google will be shaking their heads if someone else gets the business. Live streaming to YouTube has been available for a while.

The current leader appears to be “Periscope”, which launched and was bought by Twitter in a few weeks. The ease with which it works is quite something. I just downloaded it to my iPhone, and immediately I’ve got a whole list of live videos to watch. What’s more, I can “subscribe” to people I follow on Twitter, and get notifications when any of them broadcast (or, as I gather it’s being called, “scope”).

There are likely to be a lot of potential uses in marketing, such as broadcasting product launches, demonstrations and seminars. The social network integration will make it easy to get the message out to customers and easy for them to watch, which could make it a real success. Another reason why I hope you’ve been steadily building your social media (especially Twitter) presence over the past year or two.

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  1. Overlooked all too often are those businesses in so-called isolated areas the existence of which is vital for the preservation of the communities living in those areas. The idea of Broadband access is greeted with a hollow laugh in such areas. As one who lives in such an area and who tries to do business on the internet I can only imagine what it is like to use something like skype still less to look at videos on-line. In the meantime we are bombarded by suggestions to “log in at” or “register at” or from the Tax People “You may only make your return on-line!” Try that at 0.11mbs!

    Yes I realise we are a minority but I would like to read once or twice some material in your excellent daily essay on the deprived rural communities in Europe. Perhaps we might have something to contribute to the cyber world!

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