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Bringing neglected website content to life

Yesterday I wondered if there might be decent pages on your website which are hidden away and rarely read. This often happens with great content such as case studies and even technical background articles. Investigate your website traffic thoroughly, and you may find some material never gets seen again after an initial promotional flurry.

The first way to sort this out is to revise your site navigation to make these articles more prominent. Also, ensure there are easy-to-browse indexes. Don’t make people search for stuff, because they probably won’t.

Now, I know many readers will find this hard to believe, but some companies are just stuck with a website design and structure which they have no power to change. If you’re the UK office of a multinational company, running the English language version of the group’s website, you may know what I mean. So revising the website isn’t an option. What else could we do?

You can get a double-whammy by linking to the articles from pages which are well read. For example, if you have a case study explaining how your blue widget was used in a certain application, and find that it’s never getting seen, why not link to it from the blue widget’s product page? After all, an invitation to read a case study is one of the best calls-to-action you can have on a product page. Make it an exercise to go through all your support articles and ensure that the related product page links to them.

The secondary effect of this is that you’re linking to them from within the text of an important page, which is a signal to Google that the unloved background page ought to be treated more seriously. Couple this with making the link itself be the sort of search which people might enter into Google, and you might make a surprising impact.

Finally, if the article is still relevant, then it’s worth continuing to promote. We’re finding that case studies work really well as part of a Google Ads Remarketing campaign. Anyone seeing “remarketing” adverts has already been to your website, and should know what your products do. But they might be persuaded to return by an advert showing an interesting case study or technical article that they probably missed …or which is new. As ever, we can do this for you (including creating the image ads) – just contact us for a chat.

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