Best of the blog in April 2015

A bit of an experiment here, in response to a reader suggestion: at the end of each month, I’m going to look back on what I’ve written, highlight the best bits, and also update any news if relevant. So… what happened in April?

I guess the main story was Google’s unofficially-nicknamed “Mobilegeddon” update. I wrote about it here, and suggested that now might be a good time to look at your Google Analytics and see if you’d been affected. According to Search Engine Land, there haven’t been huge shifts in the Google mobile ranking algorithm, at least not yet. The consensus seems to be that it’s either coming in more gradually than expected, or maybe won’t be as drastic as feared. We shall see.

At the start of the month I updated the thinking on how to solve 2015’s biggest new headache for webmasters, excluding the spambots polluting Google Analytics. I’m finding new ones every day, and the current filter list we’re using is here, if any of you would like to use it.

I had some nice feedback about a real “back to basics” article about Google AdWords, Where will my AdWords advert appear on the page?. A couple of readers said this would be useful internally to explain to colleagues why adverts may appear in different positions on the Google results page, and what can be done about it. Running a cost-effective Google AdWords campaign needs a lot of experience, which is one reason why you might want to outsource your advertising to people like us.

Finally, I referred to a recent piece by marketing guru Seth Godin in Would your customers miss you?, which prompted one reader to say: “And don’t forget your non-customers!” His point was that if you can also build up a universe of potential customers who’d miss you, that must surely be a major objective of marketing nowadays. That should keep me inspired for another month.

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