An easier overview of your website traffic

If you have Google Analytics on your website, and I reckon that 90% of you do, there’s a really nice feature called Content Grouping. I’d thoroughly recommend setting this up. Like several such features, it’s not retrospective, so it’ll only work on data going forward. That means it’s a good idea to add it now, if it sounds useful to you.

As the name implies, Content Grouping puts the contents of your website into packages, and shows you the traffic data for each group. So if you have different divisions, product categories, or just want to sort the product pages from the rest, Content Grouping is for you.

Image: what content grouping looks like

The setup can be found under “Admin” in Google Analytics, and it’s fairly self-explanatory. If you have any problems, or want to investigate some much more sophisticated uses of the system, there’s a great how-to article here on the Moz Blog.

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