A quick view of your website on mobiles

There are a few web-based resources which will show you what your website looks like in mobile devices, but one of the best may be sitting right in front of you. It’s the Chrome web browser, which has an amazing toolkit under the View > Developer > Developer Tools menu item. One of these tools, accessed by clicking the little “mobile phone” icon, simulates a range of screen sizes with just one click. You can select from a huge number of devices.

With Google having announced that non-mobile-friendly sites will start to be penalised in its mobile results later this month, it’s a great way to check your site. And if you need to show examples to colleagues or web developers, what you need is just a click away.

Image of mobile simulator in Chrome Developer Tools

1 thought on “A quick view of your website on mobiles”

  1. Mobile friendly is all very well, but there are several large companies that have spent a great deal of time and effort developing a version of their website specifically for mobile, and the main thrust seems to have been cutting down on functionality. Simply making a website that looks pretty on a mobile but really is almost useless is pretty ridiculous – and shows limited thought about what the users are likely to try to achieve.

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