Your future self will thank you for this

There’s been a gradual realisation over the last few years that using “content” to market your company makes a lot of sense in the current business environment. Producing interesting and useful information makes your company seem more authoritative, gets it found, and utilises the knowledge you already have in-house.

I know that many marketing managers are in small enough companies to have been able to just get on and do it. At the other end of the scale, large organisations can find the budget more easily and realise they’re just expected to do it. Indeed, many have always done so, with their own magazines and technical journals – they just haven’t called it “content marketing”.

Things have been slowest to kick off in the size of company where there needs to be managerial sign-off on a new direction like this. One of the problems is in demonstrating return on investment. There’s quite a lot of data now available, such as in this infographic by Demand Metric, but that may not always be enough. The will also needs to be there. We all know that content marketing is a slow burner. Invest £500 in a Google AdWords campaign and you get a couple of hundred visitors to your website in the next few days. Invest it in writing articles and it’ll take months to have an equivalent impact. But the legacy in the long term will be something your future self, or your successors, will thank you for.

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