The web really is the great leveller

If you’re a small or medium sized company with direct control of your website, I cannot emphasise enough just how much of an advantage this gives you over many larger competitors. For almost every large (especially multinational) industrial or scientific company I have ever worked with, the website setup is at best functional. There have been very few exceptions. More likely – despite the resources available – a large industrial company website will be a complete mess. The web really is the great leveller.

I’m seeing a trend with multinational companies for regional offices to bypass the useless, head-office IT department-imposed website, and set up their own independent sites. This is usually done under the pretext of it being “just for a specific project”. Usually, someone in head-office IT spots it after a while and finds a sympathetic ear in senior management who will get it closed down.

I’m being quite truthful when I say I’ve met people who’ve said to me: “I read your blog every day Chris, and I’d like to just once be able to implement one of your suggestions”.

You may work in a large company and recognise this. But if you work in a small one, seize the opportunity and exploit this organisational advantage for all it’s worth. Don’t feel that because you haven’t got a full-time IT team that it’s harder for you to compete online. It’s actually easier. There are great people out there to help: better than most large companies have in-house, and not as expensive either.

Sure, a £20,000 investment in your website and its promotion represents a far bigger commitment to you than even a £200,000 investment does for that multinational you compete with. But you can do so much more, once you’ve set things up properly. And it will pay for itself, unless you really try to do it on the cheap.

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