Making your web content more readable

Some people say that writing for the web is different to writing for print. I think that’s only the case to a limited extent. People online are impatient, it’s true. You need to write snappy content. But shouldn’t you be doing that anyway? Isn’t the web just encouraging us to develop our writing style for a more information-hungry audience?

What’s more important is the presentation. A sea of grey text is never enticing to the reader, but on paper it at least looks “worthy”. Online, it looks dull.

How can you improve the presentation?

Given that most of you probably have websites where the design has been fixed, and changing it is a job for the next refresh, how can you improve the presentation? For a start, you should keep the paragraphs to nice lengths – not too long, but not too short either.

My favourite trick, however, is when your article extends to several hundred words. If that’s the case, break up the piece with sub-headings. These can be simple phrases lifted from the subsequent text, like the one above. If you don’t have the facility to give it a ‘style’, just make it a paragraph in bold text.

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