Making SEO part of your routine

Yesterday I mentioned the need to constantly work on your site’s SEO. But what does this involve in practice? I’d say it’s a combination of two things: ensuring new content is as good as it can be, and going over what you’ve already got, to improve it.

Of course, if any new content is as good as it can be, there won’t be much to improve on as it ages. But most people add pages to their websites without much thought to SEO, so the chances are that your “back catalogue” could do with some work.

For the new stuff, the answer is to make SEO part of the workflow. Create a checklist before any page can be published, which – alongside getting the page proof-read by at least one other person – ensures that the basic SEO elements have been considered. What search term is being targeted by the page? Have the title and description meta tag been written appropriately? Is the search term in the headline and in the body text? What opportunities are being pursued for links to the page from respected websites?

For the existing content, what I would do is to set aside an hour or two each week for SEO work. Get a list of all the pages on your website (BMON clients – just ask us if you want one) with the various tags and headlines. Then go through all the pages, a few each week, sorting out all the stuff you should have done (see above) when the page was first published.

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