Is your website looking for a commitment?

Any good salesperson knows that their job is to close a sale or get a commitment. Any talk about ‘developing relationships’ is just a fluffy excuse by salespeople who aren’t very good at getting commitments. But as I’ve said before, your website needs to be a salesperson nowadays. Many prospects will get a long way towards a buying decision (if not all the way) before contacting you. So your website needs to close a sale or get a commitment, all on its own. The vast majority do not.

As part of our service, we’re always here to help clients with any marketing advice that we can, and one of the most common requests we get is: “We’re going to build a new website, can you give us some advice?” There’s loads, but the main thing is to build the website as an interactive sales presentation. Of course there’s loads of stuff which needs to go on the site that’s nothing to do with sales, but people will find that material if they need to. It doesn’t need any prominence.

I do honestly believe that the core of any business website should follow the same structure as a sales presentation, and have the same emphasis on getting a commitment. Does yours?

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