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I don’t look like that any more

Do you, or your company, have any social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or even the one we all wish would leave us alone and go away, Google+? Of course you do. So here’s a little project for today: go and visit your main page on each site, and re-evaluate the image you’re giving to the world. I know companies who set up one of these accounts years ago, and who might even post to the account, but who haven’t checked their page in all that time. Your logo, photos and background pictures might need refreshing; the descriptions you use almost certainly will. Take a look.

Here’s my regular checklist. We should probably look at having a company Facebook page at some stage, I guess.

Me on Twitter
BMON on Twitter
Me on LinkedIn
BMON on LinkedIn
Me on Facebook
Me on Google+ and here and many others
BMON on Google+

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