Don’t let a single template govern your whole website

You probably have a templated page design for your website, and that’s not a bad thing. However, there are instances where you might want to present your content a bit differently. Do you have the facility to do that? If not, can you get it added to your content management system?

Here are a couple of examples. In both cases, you’ll want to avoid all the normal page furniture of menus, sidebars and the like.

The first is the advertising landing page, where you are – I hope – trying to mimic a full sales presentation (why the product, why you as a supplier, etc). The one thing you don’t want here is anything to distract the presentation.

The second is the full-length technical article, or white paper. In my opinion, these need to be presented as formally as possible, almost as a re-creation of how the article would appear in a printed document. Of course the article will need to be promoting your company within the text, and have a call to action at the end, but if you’re looking to appear authoritative, why cover the page with as many graphics as a Formula One car?

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