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Analyse your own website for SEO opportunities

I was going to look at “SEO Audits” this week, but wouldn’t you know it, an article immediately popped into my inbox which covered the topic really well. So for those of you who want to tackle the project yourself, I’m just going to point you to that.

First of all though, what is an SEO Audit? Essentially, it’s just analysing your website for SEO deficiencies, and making a plan of action to fix them. If you have the time and enthusiasm in-house, it’s quite possible that you could do it yourself. You do need to be prepared to invest in a few software tools, however. Don’t try to do it with free resources. You wouldn’t put up a shelf without a drill.

Once you’ve undertaken the audit, you’ll realise that taking the appropriate steps to make your site perform better in the search engine results isn’t a black art. Give it a go. The article I mentioned is here on Search Engine People.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time or inclination, you can subcontract the job. But beware – there are some folks out there who don’t seem to know the subject as well as they claim, and others who do audits merely to create ongoing work for themselves. One service which comes highly recommended is the website review from Yoast in the Netherlands. The full review you want is $2,500, but you do get what you pay for.

Read “How To Do A Complete SEO Audit” on Search Engine People.

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