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As my main professional activity is in maintaining Google AdWords accounts, I was quite pleased to see recently that Google has introduced a page which lists all the changes it makes to the service. I’ve read that over 200 features were added or changed last year, so if you manage your own AdWords campaigns, it might be worth bookmarking. Otherwise, be grateful that folks like us look after it for you.

While browsing through the list, however, it made me wonder: “Why doesn’t every website have a list of changes like this?” Sure, if you’re a distributor of blue widgets, there might not be 200 changes to the website in a year, but even if there are only a handful, it could be a useful resource for customers. You may have a news page, and you may well email out new articles and other news, but I’d bet there are changes which don’t get publicised. What’s more, even if nothing’s changed, I’d bet most customers wonder if it has.

It might not just be your customers who’d refer to the list either. It could be helpful to distributors and even staff.

The list might roll up product specification changes, terms of business changes, new resources on the website: anything really. Maybe the “About Us” page could be a suitable home for a manually updated list, or if your website CMS allows it, you could add a small section based on blog facilities. The “blog” entries might only be titles and links to the relevant page on the site.

Just an idea.

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