Using remarketing to build your email list. It’s easy.

Some of you who read my article yesterday about how effectively remarketing demonstrates the number of visitors you get to your website may have already thought more about the connection between remarketing and email. Because here’s the thing: remarketing may work brilliantly as a way of building your email list.

Here’s how it would work. Anyone who has visited your website ought to be a prime candidate for going on your email marketing list. However, for various reasons you might not be selling them your email list hard enough on the website. For most of our clients, it looks to me as if fewer than 1 in 1000 website visitors sign up for their email list. The vast majority of visitors just slip away.

So let’s use remarketing to advertise the email list to them afterwards. Don’t forget that remarketing can be set up so that the ads only show to somebody who hasn’t seen a particular page. That could be the email list signup page, so that the ads show to anyone who’s been to the site but hasn’t looked at the details of your email list. Or it could even be the confirmation page they get once they’ve signed up, so that ads continue to show until they do actually sign up.

Another great thing about this exercise is that you can easily get a precise figure for the cost of each signup. You sent 100 people to the email list signup page at a cost of £250, and 10 of them signed up, so you’re adding to your email list at £25 a time. This should be easy to set up and monitor using Google Analytics. You could also test out whether it’s best to simply advertise the email list, or to highlight stories which have featured in your emails and attract people in that way. Anything’s possible.

Any existing BMON clients who’d like us to set this up should get in touch – all you need is a decent email marketing product which people might want, and the ability to put remarketing code on your website. For those of you not using Google AdWords at all (and there are a few!), perhaps this might be the project which kicks things off?

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