“About Us” is about giving them confidence

As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, the “About Us” page is one of the three most important pages on your website, along with the home page and the contact page. Indeed, if you put contact details in the header or footer across the site, you might find that the “About Us” page could be the second-most viewed page after the home page. Take a look in your visitor analytics reports to see.

What’s more, anybody who looks at the “About Us” page is pretty serious about discovering what your company does. In my book, that makes them very important visitors.

So what makes a great “About Us” page? The answer, oddly, is that it should be anything but just about you. Instead, it needs to be customer-focused. One approach is to write it as “about the two of us”, which is a nice way of looking at things. Another approach is to write it as if you were pitching a new business. Start with a quick overview, then describe the market you address, and why you’re the right supplier for that market. Then move on to describe why the products are so good, both technically and in terms of availability. Finally, talk about the team and summarise why being one of your customers is such a desirable thing to be. Again, the key is to bring the reader into the conversation.

The “About Us” page is a great place to include a short (and I mean short!) video. Testimonials look great here too, as does a client list if appropriate. It’s all about giving the customer confidence that you’re the right company for them.

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  1. The first draft of the eulogy i wrote for my mothers funeral was “all about me” It is an easy mistake to make especially taking grief into consideration. One’s enthusiasm to get words down can easily lead to similar outcomes. Problem is: – only your best friend or your fiercest critic will tell you!

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