Twitter just became a lot more important in B2B

Twitter just became a lot more important. It’s been a few years since tweets were routinely included in Google results, for practical and business reasons. Twitter decided not to stream all its content directly to Google, and with over 100 tweets per second now being published, Google can’t crawl Twitter’s website to find them without bringing down the whole system. The result has been limited coverage; here are a couple of tweets quoting BMON’s Twitter account, for example:


However, it’s been reported that Twitter has once again agreed to stream its content straight into the Google index, which means that every tweet is now up for inclusion again. And this is huge: not just because the tweets might appear in the Google results, but because it’s been shown that Google follows links published in tweets.

Of course, Google’s not daft enough to count every link in a tweet as the sort of quality, external link to your site which improves your positions on the results pages. But it could certainly help your pages be discovered more quickly by Google.

As far as I’m concerned, for businesses like mine and yours, this news immediately propels Twitter from a “useful marketing tool if you have the time” into the “virtually essential” category. However, as I’ve said before, I don’t think any business should be using Twitter unless they have somebody onboard who really enjoys using it, because a Twitter account done grudgingly looks exactly like that. If you have an avid tweeter in sales or marketing, it might be time to let them get more stuck in.

At the moment, I’ll hold up my hands and say that for this business, we’ve been neglecting Twitter. All of these articles get a tweet and a link, and I’ll always respond to anyone who gets into conversation. But that’s been about it. Generating original content on Twitter has not been a priority, and it ought to be. After all, I’ve found the time to tweet nearly 17,000 times on my own account. The same should apply to your business.

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