It’s your press release, don’t give its benefits away

The first place your press releases should be published is on your own company website. This might seem obvious (although I’m going to explain why it should be so anyway), but it’s amazing how many organisations prioritise distribution to the press.

As I’ve written recently, you’re the authority now. When prospects read some news about you, the first thing they’ll do is to visit your website, to check out the veracity of the story and to read more. What if the news isn’t there? Was it all made up? Was it true, but not very significant after all? Or are you just a disorganised shambles of a company which can’t even publish its own news on its own website?

What are the downsides to publishing on your own website first? Well, none actually. Some people worry that for some reason, the news media receiving the material might not be so keen to run it if the story is already on the web. Here’s a thought: isn’t it more likely that any editors out there will be more dismissive of the story if they notice you can’t find space for it yourself?

And then of course there’s the Google factor. OK, any self-respecting news outlet ought to completely rewrite anything you send them. But they probably won’t, if it’s technical. And given several similar presentations of the same story on the web, which one is Google likely to show? The answer is, we don’t know. But if yours is discovered first, it stands the best chance of being the one which sits at the top of the results page.

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