Is mobile-first design sneaking back the “splash page”?

When you design an email with mobile readers in mind, it’s easy to ensure that your message will look good on a desktop PC too. Everyone wins. However, the same is not true of websites. I’m finding many sites increasingly irritating, because it turns out that if you design a site with mobile devices uppermost in your thoughts, that does not make for a good desktop site. And your next website designer may well be suffering from this compulsion to make every website look like it’s on an iPad, even when it’s being viewed on a PC.


Do not let your website designer do this. The main symptom of this disease is a massive, screen-filling image on the home page. Looks great on an iPad (just swipe to move on) but on a desktop PC? It’s not what we want, or expect. Effectively, the old “splash page” from the 1990s is making a return. And we don’t need that.

Your website should have one focus: doing what your prospects and customers need it to. What they need should not be hard to work out …and the easier you make it for them to get at that material, the better for everyone.

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