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How many website visitors are slipping through your fingers?

One of the real eye-openers about remarketing for many companies has been the realisation of just how many different people visit their website. And curiously, although remarketing is a relatively new approach to advertising, for a few people it’s made them think about a much older one: email marketing.

With remarketing, you invisibly mark every visitor to your website using cookies. Code supplied with the likes of Google AdWords makes that easy. Then, you’re able to show ads to those previous visitors, on any website they visit that shows ads from that service (with Google, that means millions of websites).

Here’s a client of ours who gets maybe just 200 website visitors a week. Look at how the “remarketing list” (the number of individual visitors to the site) has grown!


Now, when you realise just how many people pass through your site, you also realise how many you’re letting slip through your fingers if you’re not really trying to get them to sign up to your email list. For the company above, even a 1% signup rate would mean 100 new names a year on the email list, and that’s not to be sniffed at if you’re in a niche market. I run a couple of websites where I offer visitors my email newsletter, via a pop-up window which appears after 30 seconds on the site. The signup rate is far better than 1%. Would you let someone visit your exhibition stand without at least asking for their contact details?

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