The importance of a publication plan

If we’re going to get more content on our websites, as all the online marketing experts are urging us to do, it’s important to have some sort of publication plan. Of course, it’s likely that the production will be irregular: if you decide that your website needs 50 proper description pieces written to liven up your 50 product pages, you won’t write one every few days, you’ll get them written in batches. But unless you’re slipping them quietly onto the website, their publication should be more regular, so that you can email or otherwise broadcast each one as a new addition. It would be a waste to not use all this new material as the basis for a promotional email, for example. However, what email recipients crave is regularity.

If you’re looking at getting a mixture of content pieces written, including case studies and technical background articles, it’s even more important to get a schedule written up. Once you’ve done so, the production of new content will actually get done, rather than it never rising above number 2 on the “to-do” list. Of course, there will always be disruptions to the schedules when new products are launched, or unexpected articles require writing, but that just moves everything back a bit, which isn’t a problem.

If you’re emailing your new content, I’d recommend more frequent mailings with fewer (preferably single) items in them, rather than bundling up lots of items into one mailing.

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