What should a case study look like nowadays?

Yesterday I discussed why it could be a good idea to really ramp up the number of case studies you produce, even if it was at the expense of the traditional technical detail which went into them. Quantity is the key nowadays – you’re producing case studies as an asset for your website, not to impress trade magazine editors and their readers (seriously, when was the last time you had one published in a major title anyway?).

I think that 500 words should be quite enough to make your point, or perhaps a 2-minute video. And don’t forget: although it’s great to name names, it’s not compulsory. A “how we tackled a challenge in a certain sector” piece can be fine. The objective is to demonstrate how much experience you have, not to boast about your customer list. A video version can be as simple as an interview with one of your sales team, describing the process of meeting the customer’s requirements.

As for content – the main thing is to make it about the customer’s requirement and how you rose to the challenge in a way which met those needs. Anything to do with personalisation or customisation is gold. And don’t forget to link from the case study to the product page, and vice versa!

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