What can you do with a case study?

We’ve already looked at why you should write more case studies and what they might contain, but what can you do with them? Their main purpose, as I’ve mentioned, should be to build up a section of your website which demonstrates, at a glance, that you’ve got a track record in the industry and that you have a lot of satisfied customers. You cannot always rely on your brand to get that message over.


Once the case study is published, however, it’s also great ammunition for blog posts, emailings, and social media. A simple printed version can be really useful for a sales rep making a presentation (“actually, we’ve already done a project very similar to this…”). And one of my favourite uses is to make them the subject of a “remarketing” advertising campaign online. Don’t forget, the recipients of remarketing ads have already been to your website. What you now need to do is to feed them with a steady flow of new information. Case studies are perfect.

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