Does your website sell like you would in person?

Imagine you’re at a trade show and a prospect wanders onto your stand. Which of the following sales techniques would you employ?

(a) Thrust a brochure into their hand, saying: “It’s all there, we’re not telling you anything else now, but if you want to know more, write your contact details on this pad, making sure to include your job title, address, telephone number, email, fax, size of company and, if you can remember it, the name of the product we’ve just discussed”; or…

(b) Explain what benefits your product offers, talk to them about other people who are using it, and tell them why your company is a good one to do business with. Then tell them that if they leave whatever contact details are appropriate, you can send them some informative material and discuss their application further.

Whichever you choose, I do hope your website takes the same approach.

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