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Questions you need to answer

Here’s a terrific way of coming up with ideas for articles which could generate traffic and links for your website. There are some good “questions and answers” sites on the web, such as Yahoo Answers and Quora. You may think these are mainly populated by kids asking for the answers to their homework, and you’d be right, but there’s a surprising amount of technical content too. So, if you’re a blue widget manufacturer, go to these sites and search for “blue widgets”. You’ll probably find a surprising number of sensible background questions about your topic, and I would predict, some good ideas of questions which you could steal, and answer, on your own website. Try searching Google for the question before you start, however, to make sure there aren’t dozens of important sites already answering the question.

And when you’ve published your article, don’t forget to go back to the questions and answers site, find the original question, and quote your article as a suggested answer!

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