Are popular pages on your site giving the wrong message?

Much as we’d all love to rewrite and update all the pages on our websites constantly, nobody has sufficient resources …or enthusiasm. However, there is one thing which we should all do, and that’s to keep our most popular pages updated.

I looked at the website visitor analytics for a small selection of clients just now, and listed the most popular pages on each site over the past year. Of course, for almost everyone, these are dominated by the home page and certain other key “index” pages. But what comes next? For nearly all sites, it turns out to be some unexpected product pages, case studies and technical articles – mainly due to the pages having hit the bullseye in the Google results, randomly. And in several cases, it looks like these pages are quite old.

You’d expect that, of course. Old pages have a history, and they may have external links to them, all things which Google loves. However, if they’re the same as when they were written, I suspect they may not be up-to-date. Case studies and technical articles, for example, might direct people to products which have been superseded, and that would be an opportunity missed.

I’ve done the same exercise internally, and noted that indeed, one of the main entry points to our own website is an old article which actually contains outdated information. So it’s worth checking.

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