Drilling down in Google Webmaster Tools

Here’s a tip for users of Google Webmaster Tools – and that should be everyone who manages a website by the way. As many of you will know, Google Webmaster Tools is now the only way of seeing what searches you’re appearing for in Google, and which are giving you clicks. Google Analytics no longer does this (unless you connect the two together!).

Now, seeing the search terms where you’re doing well in Google is great, but it’ll be dominated by your company name and variations on it. More importantly, you can’t really see from Google Webmaster Tools if it’s just the home page which is being shown in the results, or if it’s (say) your product pages.

The solution, if your website structure allows it, is to “add a site” to Google Webmaster Tools, but just specify a directory of your site – maybe you have web pages with /products/… or /blog/… for example. Then you’ll start to see data which is just referring to that directory, and it can be very interesting.

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